Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Newest Craze...Trading Cards

Hey, is anyone making these yet? It is amazing what people will turn into a money making "craft". I guess we could put decorative paper on anything and call it crafting. I don't get it, but for those of you that like to be hip here'sthe link to a great sale! (always one for a good sale I am!!!) http://www.anniespapercrafts.com/list.php?criteria=pap4rnd1&source=EQIAP1C This is however a great site for crafting supplies at a discount. Most of them. You still have to watch your local stores for the deals, but Annie's Attic (www.anniespapercrafts.com) is a great site!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Birthday "10" years

I am working on my daughters birthday invitation now. She picked out a few stamps from my Stampin' Up collection and has chosen purple and blue for the colors. I want it to be a fun "girly" card and a different shape (no rectangles) she suggested a star, so we'll see what I can create. I'll post the finished product, probably as card #1 for sale/purchase on this site!!!!